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​Bath Resurfacing

The Problem, if you have ever had or have known anyone who has had a bath replaced, is that it can be a very expensive option as well as in some cases very messy. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to get the bath out, as some houses seem to have had the bathroom built around the bath using the bath as a central point, making it very difficult to get the bath out without demolishing half the house.

Why Do People Have Their Bath Resurfaced?

Usually because the bath is starting to show the signs of wear and tear, is badly chipped or is becoming very difficult to clean because the bath has become dull. Bath resurfacing is a cost effective way of making the bath look new without the costs involved in removing and replacing with a new bath.

​An outline of the resurfacing process

The resurfacing process is carried out on site so there is no mess; it is clean with the minimum of disturbance to the household. Briefly, the process involves the bath being treated with a specially manufactured material which is totally safe to use and is environmentally friendly. When applied to the bath this material removes the glaze coating together with any stains, fats or grease. This then leaves the original enamel perfectly clean and etched. This provides the perfect key for the newly applied surface . The bath is then thoroughly dried and any repairs to corroded metal, chips or inconsistencies to the original bath surface are carried out.  The surrounding area of the bath and floor are masked up and protected prior to the application of the new surface. Before the application of the new coatings the bath is treated with a bonding agent specifically designed to bond the new coating to the bath, this ensures a permanent bond between the original enamel of the bath and the newly applied coating. The bath is then pressure sprayed using a HVLP spray system this tried and tested method is by far the best method of applying the new coating. I apply three coats of high quality Poly-Glass 320 that has been specifically designed for resurfacing baths. The bath must be left over night to cure and can be used first thing the next morning, with normal use the bath will stay looking new for years to come. This service carries a 5 year comprehensive guarantee against failure of materials and workmanship.

All the materials used in the resurfacing process are supplied by RESURFACE COATINGS ​(please click our contacts tab for contact information), and are specifically designed for the resurfacing of baths and ceramic ware. 

Chip repairs

If a bath is in good condition or only a few years old and the bath or showertray has been accidentally chipped, then we can colour match and repair the chip eliminating the unsightly damage on the bath.


In addition to resurfacing we can also apply an anti slip surface to baths and shower trays.  This can be undertaken whilst having the bath resurfaced or as a separate application.