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Bath Resurfacing

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We are able to give an exceptional service at a very reasonable price as we have no expensive overheads. The technique and the resurfacing materials used have worked successfully for over 35 years and in that time, these materials and techniques, have been refined on a regular basis as new technology is introduced and improvements are made. At Perfect Baths we only use top quality products as supplied by ResurfaceCoatings. These coatings have been specifically formulated for bath resurfacing by a company who have over 40 years professional experience. For more information please follow the link on our contact page.

Perfect Baths is the place to come and be assured that your bath is resurfaced to a high standard and also the reassurance of a comprehensive guarantee. I have over 30 years’ experience in bath resurfacing and I have personally resurfaced in excess of 20,000 baths for the private sector as well as local government, hospitals, hotels and in private homes. As we are a family run business and I am the person who will visit to resurface your bath we do not use any outside contractors to undertake our bath resurfacing.  We are not a franchise, we are free to acquire the very best materials and use the latest technology as we are not tied into franchise restrictions. Perfect Baths was established in London in 1986 however, I have recently opened an office in Christchurch, Dorset offering the same great and professional service to the south coast.

All materials used for resurfacing are supplied by Resurface Coatings and have been specifically manufactured for the resurfacing of baths and ceramic ware. You can expect a high standard of service and an exceptionally high standard of workmanship from Perfect Baths.

On the following pages you will find information on the process of resurfacing and the other services that we provide as well as photographs of baths before and after resurfacing. Also detailed is a outline of the process for bath resurfacing we undertake and the guarantee that you can expect from Perfect Baths. Please call or email for a competitive quote.